Actualizations Of Identity

Making love to words with unheard of vernaculars

Symbiotic relationships give many mental flips as ribeyes to spatulas

Evening expressions left to the ears of the becoming

Lifestyles of everything under the moon begins the running

Blogs of liberated glimpses into the NOW of existence

Enlightenment becomes second nature with cyclical persistence

Time never existed so the space between us all is not distant

Gravity has weighed almost everything down

There’s a man who sits Indian style to levitate and he’s not always around

We only know what we think we know

For what we think we know may not even be what we truly show

There was a Force which separated itself and hid in many of the masses

Physical world versus spiritual world be the clash of all clashes

The war of the worlds occur before our very own eyes

History repeats itself once you truly analyze

No surprise should come from here on out

The old world is fading while the new world rises about


©2020 Maranate