Tracing Your Mythology

Those moments of clarity come in between those thoughts many times

Life is the reflection of what we believe so external affection can become crimes

Be drawn to what is more valuable to one’s longevity

Too much of anything except knowing who we are bestows much brevity

Mere mortals with immortality resting on the inside

Reflect upon thy story up to this current moment for the truth that never hides

Decisions evolve once an action is carried out

Energy gets to movin’ and groovin’ all about

Frequencies swim to the individuals required

Obstacles or dilemmas of any kind become expired

Theres lots of magickal power behind an intent

Difficult becomes a piece of cake not even at an expense

Rise above polarities when dealing with human existence

It is what it is no need for more resistance

Things never change for only the people do

Deep looks into thyself shall always reveal all that is true


© 2019 Maranate