An Annual Expectation

Crispy sounds of Miles round about midnight heading into the new

Duets with a finished decade hovering over from a bird’s view

The calcination of unwanted gets burned to the ash

Gallops into the unknown with the same dreams of the past

Consistency is the key to those well crafted gifts

A year based in empowerment and transitioning, can ye feel the shift

What grief does one have to bare with less care of pessimistic views

Optimism is the magnum opus of manifestation

Anything in between shall be subjected to perceptions of the skewed

From here on out all devices are no longer smart

We’re the super cosmic human computers with a mind and heart

Appreciation to the eyes who’ve been reading thus far

Shall we all continue to celebrate the lives of a star

Twisted sticks blaze as the smoke travels quickly thru the air

Congratulations to another year


© 2019 Maranate