The Dawn Of The Cerebral

Time shall tell a fortune better than a gypsy

Welcome to a new world for all those who’ve been here since 85 and back

Most of the movies we saw growing up are becoming momentary facts

Civilization is on the cusp of a brand new frontier

Preparation shall be in alliance with opportunity so positivity starts here

The future will favor those that are bold in their direction

So many sources of information that can be obtained

A spiritualized practice must be the sharpening tool of discretion

Putting the fragments of ancient times together with the modern mind

Identity of who we are as an individual is the foundation of whatever we find

May thy heart be prepared for what has been prophesied many aeons ago

Everything in alignment with the highest aspects of self in order for self to grow

For the last days of the old are present while the beginning of the end is near

Evolutionize thy mind so ye may walk thru the valley of death and have no fear


© 2019 Maranate