The Root Of It All

Sweet smells of frankincense and myrrh touch the air with grace

Grounded in the importance of a stable mentality removes one from the rat race

Triumphant treasures give measure to the hero within

A continuous healing of the wounded child as every single day begins

Smiles upon thy face shall place cheer throughout thy being

Unbalanced ways of living will grant unwanted chaos to what one is seeing

To let go and let God is to stand on the wings of faith

Angels will appear in many forms so fear not the wraith

Traumas often speak loud when never addressed properly

Large amounts of suppression will make the body a disease’s property

The Kingdom of Heaven shall always be around and quite near

The walk up Jacob’s Ladder goes to heaven but starts right here

The seven seals are constantly spinning while some may never know

An existence full of surprises but also an illusion from head to toe


©2019 Maranate