A Lion In Sheep’s Clothing

To understand the why of a particular thing is a gift in itself

Hidden in plain sight clues share the answers as informing news

The etheric body must become our bookshelf

Scratching the surface will wet the palette a little bit

Deep dives into pools for jewels will render one THE SHIT

All life delivers answers to every question we could ever think

A refocusing on surroundings of thy personal circumference

Undesired thoughts shall gather in a boat ready to sink

A victorious mindset is only thirty days and some affirmations away

Discipline plays a role as the main ingredient of this recipe

The previous mindset had a good while to play

As the inner light begins to shine brightly the instincts enhance

Internal cosmic combustion of the subconscious

Manifestations are about to start the dance

Heroic actions transpire as the symbols of a metamorphalization

Sometimes the pill must be placed in the dog food for brains to get the revelation

A further understanding of a vessel shall provide thee with basic info

If one know’s then one know’s


© 2019 Maranate