Ruminating On Thoughts

Mini movies creating the manifestations of our lives

Unadulterated ponders mold the foundation of our strives

Mystical motivation render the mental plane under thy control

Internal secrets lay dormant inside us all ready to unfold

Crispy nights of slow showery rain drip down window panes

Insane images appear before thy mind’s eye

Symbology of physical wonders aiming down from on high

A continuous habit of observation is the only option

Scientific approaches may ye be Holmes and Dr. Watson

As a man thinketh, so shall a man be

The mind is all, the universe is mental, so perception controls what we see

Repetition is to listen once then listen once again

Something new dawn’s with every listen held within

The frequency of one’s existence depends heavily upon one’s view

Meditations upon our feelings soon unveil what we deem true


© 2019 Maranate