The Art Of Shadow Boxing

Optimistic thoughts should be embraced at every blink

Disruptive behaviors feed on the person ever so slow to think

For idle time becomes the play ground for chaos to roam

All play with no work being done limits the stability of thy home

Constructive activities charge the batteries of civilizations

Waisted moments build components that perish the All’s creations

Internal battles form external war wounds

A daily fasting of unnecessary habits begins to remove the silver spoon

Too much comfort and convenience shall rot a nation’s common sense

Finesse the money out of people while catering to stupidity at their own expense

Know thy self and thy self will guide ye in this fleshly pod

Understand thy shadow self to gain an understanding of God

Everyday shall bring a new clue as to what one should do

The match continues at every victory of discovering the real you


© 2019 Maranate