Surviving The Program

Categories of all kinds trend throughout the day

Databases compiled of fuckery with very little to say

Laughs after laughs after laughs come with shame

Pollute the minds of the masses just to usher in the hunger games

Truth of our world gets revealed in the mist of entertainment

Not a lot of educating going on so welcome to the bereavement

Ancient people exist among the masses who suffer from psychological lashes

Totally oblivious to their identity seeking validation from classes

The smaller percentage in control knows that time is just a cycle

Hide secrets to remain in power but remember the time like michael

Ask thyself a question then wait for the reply

God speaks every single moment an individual says, WHY

To be in the world but not love the world is for the wise

Dreams of becoming rich tends to close the mind’s eye

So the ancient people fall for it over and over again

The program shall continue until destruction is the end


© 2019 Maranate