A Pilgrimage To Poetry

Pain and pleasure be polarities of the same coin

Expression of the latter tends to gratify our daily lives

Give the positivity thy life and peace shall forever join

Shall thy mind become more receptive to higher concepts

Exercise of the mental produces statements of production

Auras shine brightly for eternity with unlimited sets of reps

Journeys through the mind’s eye place salvation upon lines

Circumstances fall by the wayside with an optimistic perception

Poems distribute the hidden jewels lessons leave behind

Timely fashions increase to whenever one is in thought

Empty all thy pockets when entering the darkness

True freedom belongs to the Force which can never be bought

Sincere encouragement to the seekers on the path

Discernment of our 360 degree illusion reveals

Keys unlock doors of desires with spiritual science and math

Shall the candle of thy heart burn brightly for eternity

Known must be birthed from the unknown

And the darkness will provide one with the light as thy currency

So travel to thy destination with the utmost gratitude

Attention to our surroundings and feelings as thy spirit speaks

Much love to each pair of eyes that read inspirations from The Dude


© 2019 Maranate