Stanzas Of A Ghost Writer

Inspiration hangs out in the middle of the night

Let thy thoughts be of service to one’s purpose along with those of fright

Apparitions give light to ears as the listener surrenders

Physical existence is built on polarity so be discerning of pretenders

Whispers in the mind begin to bind in thy spoken word

Cosmic connections of star gazing proportion come with ideas never heard

A bird flies high above all with an ability to see

Clear views from every angle sets one in front of reality

A day of the dead must be revered as our blessing

Transitions of our ancestors give rise to thy spiritual nesting

Intimate times with the darkness of a room eyes wide shut

Energy moves about giving unseen meaning to why, who and what

Liberation is consistently delivered to the doors of those who think

Legions await steadfast as thy paper and ink link


© 2019 Maranate