Roasted Sticks Of Goodness

Pieces of the personality derive from the universal sub-conscious mind

Our thoughts have belonged to others so nothing is quite a new find

Only that which has not been said or done in a particular fashion

The people are the change that they seek to encounter

Moves must be made toward actions of compassion

Every event should be broached with complete embrace

Secret knowledge surrounds and stares us all in the face

To be rich is to have time to think and not think

Creativity speaks to empty vessels ready to receive more love and bank

Gazes upon the ceiling fan set understanding to thy inner questions

Daily experiences open doors for further lessons

Life’s blessings come from the understanding of how

Be a student of thy own mythology to never wonder what’s going on NOW

Celebrated moments get shared when emotions are very high in power

Another session of the cosmic flower


© 2019 Maranate