Organized Conundrums

A picture really does say a thousand words

Backgrounds of wonder bless the temple with memorable scenes that occured

This same concept applied to life will unfold what seems absurd

Imaginationeers in full capacity leave the ground as a bird

Superheroes appear everyday in plain sight

The shift is in the air as the electromagnetic frequency is in flight

As thy fingers move the groove unveils itself to the mind

Unspoken thoughts manifested as stanzas of sublime

Rhyme as one loves to do

Each blogger here has a mythology in their story too

Between our words rest the foundation of what we are

A questioning of why to everything will take one as far as a star

The key is to be thee Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Detect and disect thy life carefully identifying every toxin

We are what we think we are and where

Find thy myth and ye shall find the gift that gives when one is willing to share


© 2019 Maranate