Music Is The New Religion

The effects it has on the brain are tremendously insane

Continuous chants that simply input while appearing to entertain

Metaphysically speaking one is placed into a trance state

Think of what some childhood songs do to thy mind for ye shall relate

And the tunes of life shall take a new place as time passes

Fill thy ears carefully with love or undergo mental downsizing

Resurrected thought forms are here rapidly rising

Balance of the planet will become the people’s goal

Pleasant harmonies ringing in the head can guide legions of souls

Molding takes place as lyrical poetry lures the mind over nice beats

Equalized frequencies placed in place to manifest more repeats

Hold on to thy seat for thy time will be well spent

There’s a musician out there some where that’ll probably be a president

The object is to listen to the songs of the life we are always given

And make that the religion


© 2019 Maranate