High Ways To The Heavens

To unpeel is to reveal what was hidden in plain sight

A reconfigurated thought every minute perhaps will readily deem light

Devil and a pitch fork in a place of fire and pain

The scene takes place in everyone’s decisions to be simple yet plain

For the shock of a realization changes the frequency of one’s view

We are what we think about so everyone is see thru

Venues are booked everyday when we individually make moves

Inspiration at its finest to the next person with less clues

Charged up with a purpose for life’s sun and rain

With death being life and life just another stage

Eternal expressions in physical form from tranquil to rage

Scribbles upon paper, ollies on skateboards, walks in the park

Peace only begins to be reached when one finds peace in one’s dark

Elevated ways of constructing one’s days be thy reason for every seven

Frequent trips to the brain will maintain a healthy relationship with heaven


© 2019 Maranate