The Citadel Of Mindgasms

As the brain refrains from everyday thought and rise

Periods of spiritualized bliss come as no surprise

Aeons away into the oblivion of no thought

Opinions matter not to the bigger picture

For understanding must unfold gradually as the lessons are taught

Triggers in our vortex lead us to the places needed for our growth

Destiny speaks a silent language so there’s no need to boast

Experience will tell the story as life shows it’s production

Blowing thy mind becomes a key when thee experience has come to destruction

Afternoon blooms as the jazz spins one into chaotic rhythm

Tokes of purple pineapples leave the air a bit tasty

Sounds of another great Saturday night ring in the ears of ALL who read

High frequencies tag alongside thee as the ink pen bleeds

Careful examination of our lives will give us what the future holds

Here’s a toast as the mental blows


© 2019 Maranate