The Book Of Bloems Ch. 22 : The Energetic Express

The fountain of youth resides in the lightest of hearts

Metaphysical mechanisms setup the outcomes before they even start

Attention and time are now the currencies that should be utilized

Pools of jewels within our own essence mostly undescribed

Revived mentalities evolve the batteries that are currently controlled

Gods and Goddesses awaken as the grips of resistance losses its hold

Spoken codes of power move briskly through thy lines

Stimulated stanzas produce insight for the blind

Motivation moves the mind while impact moves the body

Electromagnetic charges give way to the mental saki

Art should reside in all of our households

Internal stirs supply creative cream to churn as the smooth as butter unfolds

Expression of the human is literally an example of abundant wealth

In other words know thyself


© 2019 Maranate