A Poet’s Party : The 5th One

Days at a time in the unknown stretches the fabric of the mind

Inspiration has it’s seasons as everything else

Let the atmosphere of a virtual word party intoxicate thy perception

Welcome back to the phuckin’ Blog Lounge

Phases of anew are shedding the old with paradigms of splendor

Life is truly an experiment one must remain a pretender

Reflecting over the days grants an abundance of why’s

Mental breaths of fresh air only to be felt inside

A tribe continues to move toward goals of divinity

A balance of The Force embracing all thy iniquities

True expression of thy self develops the self as one goes

The veil is lifted as awareness is gained of the unfold

Crystal stares as the glares bring events into perspective

Everyday is a continued movie ponder upon the collective

Music should inform if the ears are connected to the brain

Listening to what one encounters will make things plain

Words from thy lips apply as well

Reading opens worlds though many will never tell

Nature has a secret to show, don’t be tardy

A toast…….

Welcome back to a muthaphuckin’ poet’s party


© 2019 Maranate