The World Is A Stage

Up and coming stars are everywhere on the colorful screen

Experience the major motion picture let it not be just a dream

Things are not what they truly may seem

Repeated phrases of any kind will eventually be deemed

Little creators in human flesh with an edge to survive

Fresh heavenly fire is given to one who’s ready to seek and thrive

If it can be thought of then it can be executed and accomplished

Endurance and a little trust shall leave thee astonished

Enjoy thy role with so much love and care

Seek thy inner director because nobody else is up there

Share with others and embrace the same

But never forget that it is just a mental game

Sad days turn to happy days with the turning of the face

Slight chance of encounters with the dramatic energy of this place

The hours that we spend watching others was ironic from the very start

Look inside and play the part


© 2019 Maranate