The Gratitude 1300

Moments of appreciation and thanks are upon thee

Pulls of the sour flowers eradicate the egocentric glee

Such a fun time when the writing flows ever so briskly

Downloads become clearer when the body’s charged

Days given to the grind to be positioned at large

Right now the magick is happening as thy eyes carry to lips

Words of an electrical vibe as our ethereal does flips

It’s really an honor to have frequent readers attention

The journey unfolds as one continues to listen

Hat tips to those who hit the star as they read or don’t

The very effort is appreciated, be a problem, it won’t

Something very fascinating about writing to let others recite

Utters of all kinds some day and some night

Vibrations send ripple effects through thy existence

Continue to repeat for thou shall receive no resistance

So mote it be , so mote it be, so mote it be

Goodtimes at the blog lounge is where one can be free

Sending much love to every follower new and old

More work shall be done rather hot or cold

Salute and salutations to everyone that reads with the phuckin’ dude

Always a pleasure to show my gratitude


© 2019 Maranate