She And The Man Gland

The air hit the trees and passions began to rise

Fire sparked emotions increase as the smoke resides

Victoria secrets become unveiled when lips lock

Grippings of her neck tightens as the kundalini is unblocked

For the conversations of leisure become the main pleaser of the evening

Foreplays form into days of immense body gazing

Multiple amounts of cuddles turn into bed puddles of amazing

Genital erections heal her body with connections to built up tension

High pitch moans and groans indicate that thy ears and shaft have listened

Long voyages of love, sanity and validation comfort the night

Strawberry dreams covered in whipped cream as she prepares her bite

Instantaneous magnetism gravitated her physique toward the man

Intentions arrive to a dilemma when there’s a need for thy gland


© 2019 Maranate

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