Automatic Jottin’

As my thoughts carry me into states of oblivion

Realizations begin to settle in the cortex with ease

The cosmic milky ocean has provided clarity upon thee

Whispers to thy ear provoke the pen to start an adventure

Corresponding notions set off a dominoe effect of epiphanies

Finally can one see the forest for the trees

At ease and parade rest for the perspectives of no value

Opened eye of eternity is in the awareness of what’s true

The refresh button dwells within our thinkin’ may thy mind be made anew

Through all endeavors the clevers shall offer it’s helping hand

Invisible wholly forces are all over ready to take a stand

Ego maniacs are kept alive through the logic

Pure genius delivers with aeonic lines of never being nostalgic

An open heart starts the merkabah’s movement back home

Drags of the ink prepares the paper to conjure up the royal throne

What is sewn is then reaped and shall be cultivated with care

Every star will get a chance to shine down here cause we’re all from up there

May each experience be fulfilled and satisfactory

No need to worry about brilliance, it’ll come automatically


© 2019 Maranate

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