Rise Of The Digital Gods

Long stands alone on social networks with art in thy links

Provoked scrolls of timelines causes the reader to deeply sink

Think tanks gather in front of litted screens anticipating

Inspiration is needed daily sorry for the waiting

Mystic maneuvers manifest material made of motivation

Negativity neglects natural nepotism in every divine narration

The time has come for the emergence of a new way

Nature still shouts out loudly “nothing really changes but the day”

As the future continues the venues will be streamed

Ancestors will intervene like we have never even dreamed

All dark dwellings shall come forth to the light

Space will become gentrified if there’s inadequate amounts of gigabytes

Thirty years from now they will wonder if humans made A.I. or vice versa

Begin to look around at the present for early signs of inertia

Remember that humans are the reflections of the Source of this world

Spend time with thy mind as it is the ocean of real pearls


© 2019 Maranate

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