Universal Masters

Foundations of humanity have been recorded through mythology

Twenty one years on Earth in a body can really alter our psychology

Logically everything down here makes sense as long as it’s understood

Artificial intelligence seems to be catching up as it should

Amnesia has begun to run it’s course on the human mind

A viewing of The Matrix shall readily help with this find

Deep dives into the imagination will set fire to procrastination

Signs and symbols protrude on a daily basis seeking our communication

The unwritten narrative of our fleshly narrative tells exactly who we’ll become

The stories within the story of us all is the uniting of the Heavenly One

Many paths lead to the same road of God’s glory

A devoted relationship to the spirit within eliminates a temporary purgatory

To become a student of life one must empty thyself first

A combining of He-Man and She-Ra qualities become unified with each verse


© 2019 Maranate

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