The Book Of Bloems Ch. 21 : A Brazen Manner

There’s a gift in getting older

True understanding starts the task of lightening the shoulder

Slow death of our humanity increases the sanity in time

One really does gain super powers if one already believed it in the mind

The current world is not designed for one to find nothing but Self

Everything has become laced so be careful with the Royal Health

The core of our character is revealed in our writing

All human rubbish gets left in the physical so keep on biting

Food for thoughts on golden plates of emotion

Vibrant lines of energy send currents to the collective cosmic ocean

Everything is going on while nothing is really happening at all

Too much of being busy avoiding doing nothing will soon cause one to fall

Stand tall in the mist of low frequencies

Behaviors of others are only our reflected inner enemies

A controlling of thy incredible hulk will form a balance with the Dr. Banner

Or feel the wrath of a brazen manner


© 2019 Maranate

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