Artistic Existence

Shall the polarities of life be the energy that travels thru what we create

Words, images and sounds amassed for distribution

Healing vibes spread massively as positivity dominates

Low vibrational eye and ear catchers get dissovled in their own illusion

Confusion disperses as the mind cultivates a masterpiece

Canvases, recordings and notebooks receive admiration

The product is a finished work but the growing will never cease

Repitition of indulging forever strengthens the relation

What does not exist before thine eyes should first manifest in thy heart

To breathe is to be given another chance at this life we call art

As one starts to direct the scene of something new

May thy work be the cause of the individuals who flew

Whenever life begins to imitate art is when the artists begin to fade

If there is no one flying high filled with light, then there is no life to be made


© 2019 Maranate

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