Death Is Life, Life Is Death

Closed eyes bring upon all that is deemed bliss

Fully awakened pupils back into reality can sometimes leave one pissed

In and out of the dream world only one conclusion is right

Physical reality is the nightmare that screams for a chance at wholly sight

The brain fights to have a life of it’s own

So determined, it holds a fleshly body as its microphone

Always trying to earn a place on the throne

But the human that follows the God within has to do it all alone

Rationally collected intellectualism is very cool on Earth

When the spirit speaks and moves everything burns during rebirth

A classic act of alchemy is pursued

Until the time of our physical demise some may fear to be renewed

Let death be not an event which calls when we are physically thru

But let thy life be the death for the life that we look forward to


© 2019 Maranate

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