The Great Alchemical Work

There’s a party goin’ on and it’s outta sight

Trip over to the Blog Lounge sounds about right

Midnight hours provide cosmic flour for thy southern fried poetics

Thoughts about the battles of within, let’s talk hermetics

As a child, one grows into what one has been given

Each individual comes to a point when they must start livin’

A renewing of the mind gains inevitability as the years go by

Controlling of the thoughts can be obtained with a try

Every function of thy body is a result of the subconscious mind

It is the source of everything within us that we can always find

The enemy conscious mind always has something to say

The ego wants to carry out life it’s own way

Though the chatter in our minds will never cease

It is ideal to rise above those thoughts for repetitive peace

Human existence is quite cyclical in the way it flows

One shall be what one thinks of one’s self without physical or mental clothes

We’re all on a trek to our star quality rescuing the self as Capt Kirk

The final frontier is here shall the knowing of thy self be the great work


© 2019 Maranate

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