States Of The Sublime

Hours go by as the birds in the great blue sky

Seasons pass with answers to every vessel’s why

Embrace the light, get aquainted with thine eye

Neurocinematic bloggin’ is in full effect

To deal with the root of an issue one must visit the past

Unread chapters tend to write on when they don’t fast

The world is a book in a black hole as the jacket

Everything is not what it seems to be

Swallow that pill, for so much more one will see

Mere typings on a blog contribute to our reality

Rubberband balls we are

Every rubberband is a pattern learned yet confining A Star

Unspoken and unseen occurences are occuring everyday

Peaces of the mind takes every single bother away

Time well spent in reflection is the epitome of clarity

Thoughts of how our movies play out proves our As One position in singularity

Energy moves about us all in the most mysterious ways

Pay more attention to the encounters to better understand thy plays


© 2019 Maranate

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