The Book Of Bloems Ch. 20 : Walkin’ Around Numinously

For we are made in the image of The Great Knower

The All, The Source, God

Then one should realize that the body is a pod

Mere shells for the spirit or energy

To become enlightened one must align with the synergy

Living life inside out develops into blissful states

Reality happens based on what one creates

Formulized methods to produce higher frequencies

Elongated periods of peace and quiet embraced frequently

Residually shall ye receive daily understanding

The energy moves so smoove there’s a perception expanding

Everything in proximity declines in it’s demanding

It is written that ye shall be transformed by the renewing of thy mind

Be in the world but not of it because distraction ain’t hard to find

So it shall be a sign that if one thinks only of that physicality

Self served assault and battery

The Earth has turned into an on/off line promoters board

Take a deep listen to what the population absorbs

There’s many songs being played as the world goes round

Playlist lift people up yet sometimes slowly kickem’ down

Find thy wants because someone wants thy mind

Numinous thoughts maintains the alignment

God ain’t that hard to find


©2019 Maranate

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