The Gratitude 1200

Crashes of thunder hit the window pane leaving a shake

Stormy nights in the South chase the vibes when baked

Congratulations to us all for the overcomings

Readings make connections even when page thumbing

Laughs and aha’s after a day of WordPress

Hour or two every day just to balance out the rest

Fresh energy for free with words from a screen

The adventures of another creator making Reality Out Of DREAMS

Appreciation to all who support thy visuals and rightings

Not just a share to thee but literally thy tithings

Positivity is the groove that’s currently groovin’

Trips to the Blog Lounge ought to keep the flow movin’

Gathered back at the Klog gettin’ another booster from the phuckin’ Dude

Welcome to the 1200th Gratitude


© 2019 Maranate