Drunk On Writing

Reality moves by the jottings of thy pen so take a ride with these

Lost in a chaotic pool of locutions with bottles to spare

Bon voyages to the physical as the freequency takes one there

On the corner of Eyemagine and Lettitgo

The Blog Lounge just seems to have that digital glow

Floetically tenderized with seasonings of perfection

Each dealing with a writing creates a miniscule connection

If the pad be blank but the ink can move

Life is created yet so bigger and so subdued

Soaking in a bath of vocabaholic spirits and wines

Good vibes to the reader here’s some food for the minds

Hours of thy reality get thrown into brainstorms

Spiritual power-ups as the concepts begin to form

Foundations become rooted in every place one proceeds

Let the Penmens move as they shall provide whatever be the needs

Amazing what can be done with the four seasons and some seeds

A toast to the trees and carbon for intertwining so beautifully

Another shot of create-tivity


© 2019 Maranate

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