Kronicles Of The Klog Ch. 2 : Iron Sharpens Iron

Situations of life are the manifestations of progress aligning

Lessons and opinions are seperate so there’s no need for combining

The eyes only see what’s currently at hand

To start comprehending the meanings of why things occur is to understand

Fresh mentalities bless perspectives of men across the land

For the gathering of two or more shall assist in the lifting of each

Short comings fade as energy moves with further reach

From one mind to the next God shifts and unfolds

Shindigs of random celebration tend to release the gold

Hold on tight to those who make ye more

Exchanges of evolvement strengthens eagles to soar

Birds of a feather flock together as fish swim in schools

May all of what we are stay strong as long as we have more tools

Shall thy words be embraced and digested without temper

See the strengths in the weaknesses of all

Sic Fiat Semper


© 2019 Maranate

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