The Book Of Bloems Ch. 19 : Blocks Of A Writer

Twists and turns so get ready to let the wheels burn

On the edge of thy seat in repeat as eargasms flood the mental playback

Worries of creative cages shall wither into the ethers as one thinks

The God Apprenticeship Process is heavily in progress

Seasons come and fade as do the songs of life

Inspiration wax and wanes like sun to thy moon

Big pots of gumbo built to last will fill thee very soon

Everything comes and goes so fluidically insane

Objective observation points it out to thy brain

For the scribe shall not be blocked but have blocks to breakdown

Repitition is power as the words become sound

Imagination holds the heavy weight champion belt of thinking

Views of The Italian Job sure to leave thee blinking

Daily motivation is deemed a key element

Receive heavenly abundance when thy intent is well spent

Poetic Problem Solvers are on the emerge

Story tellin’ lyrical blogetry should satisfy that urge

Words are written to make another person’s happiness unlock

Who gives a phuck about a writer’s block


© 2019 Maranate