Space Age Poetics

Leave the future with a catalog of the past

Quick change tags along with quick circumstances

Gotta move the feet a little quickly kinda fast

But uhhh, make it the calculated chances

Contraption filled evening under the moonlight

Glasses of perception set the mood right

Musings via cellular phone some of the future looks very bright

An eccentric electrical radio active activity causing type of dude

2000 started the rise of a fall don’t mean to be rude

From industrial to technolgy the shift has shifted

Evolution must begin at this point of the movie

Thy mind is now the ticket for the talented and gifted

Toast with a green water smoothie

Insipid lines of leisure aligns liability once alive

Double edge swords swing around the mind on a daily basis

Cognizance of thy 720° of living stains the memory of light codes

Long sits of no distractions reaps heavenly downloads

Welcome to the middle in between abode

Anywhere on the corner of Imagination Blvd and Reality Avenue

There’s really no limit to what one can do

Computers are a mediocre rendition of the human brain

So take a nap to the other plane


© 2019 Maranate

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