Jumpin’ Out Of The Pages

Documented ideas are pressed upon the papyrus

The ink becomes a moving energy as it dries

Words organize themselves into an entity

A work of art comes to fruition as the intensity multiplies

Eyes wide shut grant wishes of literal apparition

Poetic spells be water to the wells of hope

Tuning into the music of life will strengthen the intuition

Changes are dawning from the walks on a tight rope

Grippings of a pen begin to send in the spin

Mundane desires become higher ones to admire

The battle of the principalities does not belong to the skin

Creativity is the flame of heaven’s divine fire

Let thy heart pour out the affinity of Earthly living

As the frequency rises with energetic surprises

Thy being become filled with Thanks from giving

The feeling shall last even in the event of our demises

Concentration is required when writing it all arrives in different stages

Which comes alive when it’s on the pages


© 2019 Maranate

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