Summer’s Entrance 2019

The season of go go gadget go is happening right now

Manifestations of the fall and spring made physical

One should pay attention to the summer’s energy it’s quite lyrical

Listening to the song of each day takes some know how

Thou must bow in humility of knowing nothing

Wisdom speaks when the mind is not bombarded

Completely objective as far as the unfold

Unattachment will indeed carry the light hearted

A time of year when the brain starts brewin’

The sun feeds the gold in mass amounts

Gazes upon the ball of fire give energy to thy frame

Batteries of the planet it is simply not and is a Game

Doggone shame it may come with some rain

But what’s a little pleasure without a little pain

Frozen cups of super sweet koolaid with popsicle stick

Assorted flavors along with pineapples inside to give it a kick

A southern delight if you inquire

Fifty cent or a dollar when you become a buyer

Long walks on the beach place thy mind in trances

Meditative moons glow over water flow thy spirit dances

The year is looking brighter every word every rhyme

Let’s live it up in the summer summer summer summer time


© 2019 Maranate

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