The Untold Stories

Shall the royal purpose be prepared for each soul

Disputes with fleshly resistance keeps one away from the unfold

Two ears to hear and one mouth to speak

Less words with impactful utters balance the life term

While the spirit leads the way in all needed critique

The physical body acknowledges the necessary stand to be firm

Many are born and never quite tell their tale

Left behind family members, belongings and some mail

Cultivated nows show one how to speak for the unspoken

Life in between reality and thy divine mind keeps one awoken

Insane sanity frees the spirit while captive in the shell

Fully invested in this external reveals deals of an internal hell

Shouts from the deepest of thy depths to the ones in transition

Unfulfilled dreams get passed on to the descendants who are still livin’

What is givin’ is appreciated to the utmost

Live, laugh, love be the reason for each toast

And our existence on this plane should be cherished with much glory

See thyself for what thy truly are and begin to share that story


© 2019 Maranate

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