The Book Of Bloems Ch. 18 : Afternoons In Alchemy

Meditative states in the hour of lunch

Notions of creative epiphanies supply hunches in bunches

Brainstorms set warm fires to the heart

Eager thumbs await digital devices for it is time to start

Waves of wonder are coming upon the shore

Wrestles with the resistance of thy surroundings gives thy mind so much more

More polarizing energy to receive then transmute

No stones thrown at the ignorant as the positivity shoots

Impeccable manuscript magick changes the whole scene

Jottings of the pen capture the beauty behind the unclean

Shall the reader of the following face whatever comes with flawless victory

The celebratory circumstances remain in silence as a mere mystery

History can be changed when thy newness is recognized

New results from past decisions make adjustments right before the eyes

The Pen is mightier than the sword and shall always be

From being lead to becoming goal oriented is thy gold alchemically


© 2019 Maranate

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