The notebook is alive

The notebook is alive

The notebook is alive

Oh the notebook is alive

The pages are breathing ready to have a dialogue

Crisp afternoon on blog ave gettin’ toasty at The Klog

Stanzic formulas produced ingrooves the mood

Every last bit of inhibition gets recognized and subdued

The notebook is alive

The notebook is alive

What does a notebook do for one

Empty thy pain or have fun with the imagination

The notebook is alive

Long days makin’ ends meet exceedingly

Words on digital pads turn mountains into sand

Sunshine comes in the night with the stroke of a hand

Energy moves through the digital ethers motivating and manifesting

Diamonds are in the rough so there’s no time for resting

What moves an organism better than electrifying lines

Stimulant readings receive more love when the future begins to look for signs

May the now have a moment of thy time to just be

The notebook is alive the dead can finally see


© 2019 Maranate