A Poet’s Party : The 4th One

Live from the midnight with electricity at The Blog Lounge

Bottles of Perception on ice

Pull up a chair it’s time to bring the rounds around

Good ole’ blogberry pies and everyone wants a slice

Saturday evenin’ erupts the feenin’ of the entire mind

Pen and pad ready to go to work pronto

While the inspiration is in whatever thy find

Cyclical writings give meaning to one’s character

Revealing answers and the questions for a yonder time

Lines and rhymes throughout every page be vigilant of the chapter

As thy day go by examine them extensively for every sign

Make contact with the pen and forget what’s known

Solitude peppers clarity over the dish of life

For the mind shall forever be completely blown

Energetically powered up from a party of describing

Lips move uncontrollably caught up in the rapture of rhythm

It’s a knock at the door that everybody doesn’t hear so the Penmans are arriving

Nights like so carries the time traveling energy of Doc and Marty

See you ALL the next poet’s party


© 2019 Maranate