Return Of The Christ Mind

Letting go in times of stress is the obstacle course

Figuring out what’s already foreseen by The Wholly Force

Shattered plans only shatter in the face of the ego

Bigger picture views become unskewed as thy spirit is the hero

Ages go by as patience becomes more than a virtue

In a rush to go no where very fast be the future event self sent to hurt you

Wise choice mold the voice that’s ready to speak

Endurance of life’s pendulum swings brings the strong out of the weak

Repeats of situations call for examining the reaction

Old ways tarnish new days sychronizing every crossing distraction

For thy shall not lean into only what thy understand

Flesh around the spirit of God gives humility to mere woman and man

And as thy feet stand on the land of this Heaven and Earth

May the mind of he be the mind of we until the ashes cover dirt


© 2019 Maranate


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