Musical Mood Manuscripts

So life is a Broadway musical and everyday is a song

Mother Earth moves the rhythm of everything on the planet

It would behoove to stay in groove because the play can be long

Quiet time should never be taken for granted

Orchestrated beautifully when ever broached with a passion

Spiritual healings get wrapped in poetic feelings

All the while the reader receives a radioaction

Engulfed in the vibrancy of such incredible dealings

Fascinating events when good moods occur

Everything can be seen with such clarity and understanding

Short sighted thinking slowly diminishes to a blur

Now life agrees to be balanced and not so demanding

A peace of mind shall be the everlasting objective while in the body

Be in the world but not of the world repeatedly

Mentally in an upper state of Nag Hammadi

How to move thru it all shall be shown increasingly

Amazing how a short reading can change your whole vibe

Feelin’ just like this good feelin’, then welcome to the tribe


© 2019 Maranate


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