For the tounge is a double edge sword at any accord

Life spoken brings abundance in abundance

A never ending stream that nevers bores

If ye not getting nothing then thy writing be redundant

Pastures of green align thy trail with sources upon sources

Might as well keep the waters at tranquil states

Because thy everyday blogging is very well mental forces

Vacationing subconsciously and ready to make creates

Images and words creep in thy mind as thief of the night

Stealing thy old worn torn behavior with a banish

Crystal stares send reflections to the frontal lobe without a conscious fight

Continue to witness every bit of anger vanish

Shall the feeling of intense joy surround thy aura field

If the ear shall be open it must receive food

Playbacks of knowledge bring forth the unrevealed

Heavenly levels of imagination when ye read with The Dude

They say you’re only as good as your next

Poems are really conversations when ye ponder

Here’s some vibes to go, much love and respect

Purest of literal energy so thy shall not squander

Life and death sits on the tongues of the population everywhere

Be very careful about what ye puts in the air


© 2019 Maranate

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