The Kronicles Of The Klog Ch.1 : New Levels Of Growth

So he decided to move back to his hometown with goals of becoming better

The magick begin to occur as realizations crept in

So many things to be done with just the typing of each letter

Wholly spirit is now clearer than ever, no more blind steps into the lion’s den

Cloudy Sunday morning with bird chirps at the window

Plans of the day brewing inside the mind’s eye

Echoes of more poetry from thy depths as a crescendo

Purpose is now fulfilling and thy duty is to fly

So the words of each of these Kronicles shall truely come to life

Verbal manifestations written poetically in a story

The evolving of thy self will be sharp as a butcher’s knife

Spiritually disciplined receiving abundantly God‘s glory

Today shall bring the clues as what to do for further movement

Meditation in the darkness shall forever multiply

An attention to the silent voice improving thy improvement

Getting comfortable with the essence of the sweet by and by

A daily dying is in order for thy current state

Consistency is the key to transforming what thy see

Reality shall render exactly as thy create

Positivity in the highest of forms SO MOTE IT BE


© 2019 Maranate

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