The Gratitude 1100

An honor and pleasure this is every share

One should just create until the body stops

Seems like yesterday when only one reader was there

Now multitudes appear in front of their phones and laptops

Great excitement oozes from thy heart when readers follow

Another infinite soul to move with thy creation

Improvement by the bottle with eleven hundred red pills to swallow

Open ears to the suggestions of great writers sanitation

The writing fuels the fire to the ever lasting flame

Measurements of a man shall be defined by it’s power

The effects of appreciation by it’s nature does the same

Another plate of brain food for thought to devour

Thy surrender every idiosyncratic ism to the belly of literal conjour

Poetic purges are in order in the season of putrefaction

No need to sit around for the time is here to launder

As the heating torches thy ego out of every single action

Thy intention shall be healing of the pupils who decide to listen to The Dude

Here’s a toast to my gratitude


Β© 2019 Maranate


    • Of course it is. But everyone doesn’t know that, so every hundred readers obtained is a very fine time to bestow that gem upon others. Enjoy your great day.😎


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