Neutralized Niches

Mixed feelings squander the mind of most bloggers ye find

Turbulent tempers leave whispers in the frontal lobe

Autographs become desired as repeated art is well defined

Writers greatly notarized as readers start to probe

Something for everyone lingers in the mist of all blogs

Transitions emerge transmissions as poems turn to tales

Mental rehabilitation shall be a commodity when seen at The Klog

Metaphysical journaling at it’s finest so check thy email

Creativity has many faces and directions

Nebulized speeches brew up incredible reaches

Eager to see collections of so intriguing selections

Feelings of wonderful worlds with edible scenery on the beaches

Heroes and villians are truly one in the same

One without the other would turn both into each other

Pleasure could never be fully appreciated without the pain

Thy truly understand the story of Cain and his brother


© 2019 Maranate


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