Quote Ya Goddamn Self

Thy once was a child with an unidentified voice

Cassette upon cassette upon cd upon cd

Constantly attempting to make a very difficult choice

Wondering exactly who the phuck thy would be

Fanatically enthused by every rapper in the store

Please excuse my attitude sorry if this comes across rude

But there’s no need to hear another artist anymore

So many years spent celebrating others talents

Every song sung but my own

So now thy have come to set the balance

Many a books read and many a poems recited

Life has opened her legs to us all with orgasms of wisdom

So goddammit don’t be afraid to just write it

Bitten tounges for such a long period of time has only grown the urge

The process of aging and countless self debating

It is now thy moment to be heard

Don’t think too long about creating never put thy work upon a shelf

Be humble and quote ya damn self


© 2019 Maranate


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