A Poet’s Party : The 3rd One

Super powers derive from a trained psyche in today’s age

Philosophical formats set up the internal garden of power for the mage

A meditated daze creates ways for a transition

Practice makes perfection every chance to write is a chance to listen

Spirits manifest through vocal cords swinging swords

Vigilant readers send mental feeders to the door

Everybody is on the dance floor

Words jumpin’ round while the souls yell for more

Come and see exactly what’s in store

Birds of thought forms full of melodic feeling ready to soar

Deep within the core erupts the sorcery of a magus

Blessed bloems of blogetry leave the interpreter as the protagonist

Another phuckin’ round at the blog lounge

Couple glasses of perception and look what ye have found

Back at it again for a get together be there or be sorry

Welcome back to a muthaphuckin’ poet’s party


© 2019 Maranate

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