The El Dorado Way

Synchronistic events shed answers to the questions

Humble in the beginning proves smooth learning of a valuable lesson

Poems begin to cry as thy thumbs tap the screen

Frugal mentality is at the door with a taste of the unseen

A dream has come to thy attention to inform of what needs to be

Shattering of the old has ushered in a new sight to see

Transitioning sometimes creates the rhymes of rigamarole

The equalizer of life is a muthaphucka if one is not in balance with life’s show

So the ups and downs are embraced with nothing but some love

Ever listening ears to the highest internal manifesting from up above

No grudge is never held in thy thoughts nor actions or whatever thy lips say

The Dude abides in The Current of The El Dorado Way


© 2019 Maranate

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